Meet Burd

Hey there I'm Erin, more commonly known as Burd!

Thank you so much for not only checking out my shop, but also for being curious about me!

I'm 28 and currently living at home with my family in Maryland. Like many other recent entrepreneurs, I started to become more interested in setting up a shop for my various creations while stuck at home during Covid. I've always enjoyed working with many different medias of art, although I do tend to gravitate the most to painting with acrylics. However, Covid kickstarted my countless month-long hyperfixation hobbies. I knitted, baked, woodworked, and even tried my hand at Tik Tok (Although I'm pretty sure only my mom thinks my videos are funny). Finally, I had some shells I had collected lying around and thought I would try to make some jewelry out of them. I headed to Michael's (for probably the 3rd or 4th time that month) and while looking for jewelry hardware I came across some clearance Fimo pre-made earring charms and was immediately interested.

I had come across a few videos here and there of accounts creating these handmade clay earrings, but had absolutely no idea of where to even start. The most I'd ever worked with clay was probably a couple random assignments in Art class elementary through high school. Because I still consider myself very new to this medium, I try to make sure I'm constantly researching new techniques and ideas and finding inspiration in other artists I come across to create each unique design. While my site's main focus is currently earrings, if you follow my instagram ( you'll see that I also frequently paint. In the near future I'd love to expand my shop to original paintings and prints, as well as other mediums of art pieces I create, while also still having the main focus be my earrings. 

I consider this less of "I make jewelry in order to sell" and more "I genuinely enjoy playing around with clay and making unique and abstract designs and figured I should start selling them or else my living room is going to be filled to the brim with them." I hope my enjoyment and love comes across in each individual piece's design.  

Finally, I wanted to give a special huge shoutout to my friends and family that have not only been extremely encouraging and supportive, but have also literally bought anything I made and help to fight back my imposter syndrome more and more each day. I genuinely could not have gotten this far without all of you and I feel beyond grateful and blessed for my little community. I can't wait to keep sharing my adventures into small business with you all!

So take a look around, please always give me feedback on any thoughts you have, and thank you again for stopping by!


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